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Please see individual pages for upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS for format (in-person or virtual). If it is unsafe and/or unallowable to host in-person trainings, we will transition to virtual workshops. Best browser to register: CHROME.



What is UTakeIt?

UTakeIt is the event registration and online course delivery system developed by the Texas Advanced Computing Center in their continuing mission to serve the K-12 STEM Teacher community around Texas and the nation.

Online Courses are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System.

UTakeIt helps organize and track events and online courses that you register for and participate in through the programs of the Texas Advanced Computing Center. To see the list of events and courses you have participated in, navigate to the Dashboard.

How do I login to UTakeIt?

To login to UTakeIt with your UT EID, click the Login button on the top-right corner of the page. If you see your name instead, you are already logged in.

What is a UT EID?

UTakeIT uses the University of Texas EID (Electronic IDentification) system to authenticate users. UT EIDs are unique identifiers used to maintain records of your activities with UT. Your UT EID is typically your initials and an integer.

How do I obtain a UT EID?


To create a UT EID, open the UT EID Self-Service Tools, click Continue, and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Describe Your Relationship with The University of Texas

In none of questions apply to you, simply select no.

Step 2: Provide Personal Information

The university provides a lot of optional fields here. In order to register for courses and events on UTakeIt, you are required to fill out the following fields:

  • First (Given) Name
  • Last (Family) Name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail Address

Step 3: Set Up Password Reset Questions

You are required to provide answers to three reset questions. These questions will be used to confirm your identity should you ever forget your password and need to reset it.

Step 4: Set Password and Password Hint

Step 5: Confirm Information

Step 6: UT EID Creation Complete

You will be given a unique UT EID and can now return to UTakeIt, login, and register.

How do I update my UT EID record?

1. To update personal information such as your email address, navigate to

2. Choose "Manage my UT EID Profile".

3. Choose "Update Personal Information".


4. Enter your new information into the form.

How do I recover my UT EID or password?

The EID login page has links to recover your UT EID and password:

UT EID Login

How do I find my courses and events?

Your dashboard lists all of the events that you have registered for. Choose "Dashboard" from the dropdown menu by selecting your name in the upper right of the UTakeIt website. By default, you will see upcoming and current events. To see completed or expired events, click the "Inactive" tab.

If your name does not appear in the upper right of the page, you will need to login before being able to access your personal dashboard.

You can write reviews, retrieve certificates, and view completed events on the "Inactive" tab.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

Once you have completed a course, please allow 2-4 weeks for the Texas Advanced Computing Center to issue your certificate of completion. Once available, you will be able to download/print a copy of the certificate by completing the following steps:

1. Navigate to your UTakeIt Dashboard.

2. Select the "Inactive" tab.

3. Choose "Print Certificate".

Depending on which browser you use, the file (PDF) may load in the browser or download automatically. If the certificate loads in your browser, you can choose "Save as.." to save it as a file on your computer or select "Print" to print the certificate directly.  If the file downloads automatically, you should be able to find it in your downloads folder or the location you have designated to save downloaded files.

How can I use a purchase order with UTakeIt products?

UTakeIt accepts purchase orders for purchase confirmation purposes. Payment must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your invoice. If submitting a purchase order, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select "Pay with Check" during checkout. You will be emailed an invoice.

Step 2: Email your purchase order to in PDF format. Be sure to attach the invoice you received from the UTakeIt system.

Step 3: UTakeIt administrators process your purchase order and activate your purchase(s). You will receive payment reminders on a regular basis until your payment is received.

How do I pay for my registration?


When you are ready to register, it will ask you to login. You will need to login with your UTEID and password. If you do not remember your UTEID and password you can click on “I forgot my UTEID or password” link or if you need a UTEID created, click on “Get a UTEID” from the login screen (under the orange dot in the center of the page).  For more UTEID information Click here.

Payment Information and Instructions

  • Paying with a credit card will instantly secure your purchase.
  • Paying with a check will reserve your purchase in our system. Your purchase will be considered incomplete until your check is processed by our office. This may take up to three weeks to occur. You will be notified by email when your check is processed.
  • Purchase orders can be used to secure purchases initiated with a check payment. Click "Have a Purchase Order?" during checkout and follow the listed instructions.

An invoice is automatically generated and emailed to you by the system once you have selected “Pay with Check” or “Pay with Credit Card.” The registration confirmation email will contain all of the necessary information you need to provide to your business offices regarding credit card payment records and check processing instructions.

Checks must be made out to “The University of Texas at Austin” and mailed to the attention of Nathalie Beausoleil, along with the printed invoice, to the address below. 

The University of Texas at Austin
Texas Advanced Computing Center / EPIC
PRC, ACB #205
10100 Burnet Road (R8700)
Austin, TX 78758-4497

Payment Questions?

Please email Nathalie Beausoleil ( with any payment questions you may have.

How are refunds handled?


Cancellations must be received in writing via email to the event contact. Cancellations seven days prior to event are eligible for refund less a $50 administrative fee. Cancellations that occur six days or fewer to the event are eligible for a 50% refund of registration fees. No refunds will be granted after the event. Substitutions are permitted. 

In the event that a workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will provide a full refund. 


We do not offer refunds for our online products.

What is Your Photographic Consent and Media Release Policy?

For any TACC/EPIC-related events and programs.

By registering for this TACC/EPIC-related event/program, I hereby agree to participate in the above Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) event/program. I understand that the event/program may be recorded for duplication, distribution, and other uses both in the United States and abroad.

By registering and/or signing the event/program registration sheet, I grant TACC the following rights:

1. The right to edit and/or combine the program with other works as desired by TACC.

2. The right to create audiovisual cassettes and other tangible embodiments of the program for distribution.

3. The right to exhibit, broadcast, or make the program accessible in whole or in part through various means,including closed-circuit broadcast systems, public broadcast, download or streaming audio/video, and anyother known or future-developed means.

4. The right to publish, distribute, and license the program in any media, including electronic and digitalmedia.

5. The right to use my name, likeness, voice, and biographical material in connection with the program, itspublicity, or promotional purposes.

6. The right to use the program for any purpose deemed appropriate by TACC, including commercialpurposes.

I hereby release TACC, its direct and indirect licensees, and assignees from any claims or causes of action that may arise from the broadcast, publication, distribution, licensing, or other use of the program, including invasion of privacy rights, defamation, and violation of any intellectual property rights that I may have in the program. I also assign any intellectual property rights I may have with respect to the program or its use to TACC and its licensees and assignees. By participating in and attending this event/program, I release TACC, its direct and indirect licensees, officers, directors, owners, employees, and representatives, as well as their heirs, successors, and assigns, from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property. I agree to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by TACC.

If you choose to decline, you are responsible for sending your request to opt-out via email to Nathalie Beausoleil at


Curriculum Help

What happens when I pay for the curriculum?

For yourself: If you have purchased access to the curriculum for yourself, there is a link to the curriculum on your dashboard. You can access your dashboard from the main user menu.

Bulk purchase: If you have purchased access to the curriculum for another user via a bulk purchase, you must distribute the access code to the user(s) that you wish to have access to the curriculum. Each user can just navigate to the redeem page ( and enter their code.

How do I access the content?

You can access the curriculum by visiting your dashboard on UTakeIt.

How long does the subscription run?

The curriculum subscription lasts for one academic year. Each year, the refreshed version of the curriculum goes on sale on May 1. Access to the curriculum will be retained by subscribers through the next year's May 1, regardless of purchase date. Please see your invoice for more information.

Licensing Agreement

Why do teachers need a UT EID?

Every system needs a way of verifying your identity. UTakeIt uses the UT EID system. Using the EID system allows users to authenticate and access the learning management system, Canvas, with their EID.

Can multiple teachers share a UT EID?

Each teacher must have their own UT EID and it is against the licensing agreement for teachers to share credentials or access to the curriculum.

Can multiple teachers from a school or district share a license?

No. A license is for a single named Teacher. Additional details can be found in the License Agreement.

What if a teacher leaves the district - can I change the license to a new teacher?

Yes. The new teacher will need an EID, and you will need to contact the University of Texas at Austin - WeTeach_CS program to deactivate the license for teacher that leaves and activate the new teacher.

Do you collect any individual student information?

No. The WeTeach_CS for HS curriculum is for teachers.

Do you have a district license option?

The curriculum is licensed to individual named users. Districts can purchase licenses in bulk. Discounts are automatically applied when more than 1 license is purchased. See more information.

Is the curriculum aligned to the TEKS?

Yes! Details can be found in the TEKS Crosswalk alignment page, available for download on the curriculum product page.

Do I need to install anything on my computers to use WeTeach_CS for HS?

All of the curriculum material is accessible in the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, via a modern web browser.

What kind of professional development is available to WeTeach_CS for HS subscribers?

How to Teach High School CS is a two-day workshop that starts with an overview tour of an entire first-year computer science course and then dives deeper into the WeTeah_CS for HS curriculum. Emphasis is placed on teachers experiencing the lessons, labs, and projects with expert instruction. Performing key tasks as a student helps teachers understand the computational thinking skills that must be encouraged in their students and having best practices modeled reinforces teachers’ own pedagogy. The How to Teach High School CS workshop is a powerful tool for any teacher seeking to build an effective and inclusive computer science program.

Can I use IMA funds to purchase the curriculum?

Yes, you can use Instructional Material Allotment (IMA) funds to purchase the curriculum.  Your school administration will need the following information:

  • Publisher: The University of Texas at Austin
  • Title: WeTeach_CS for HS
  • ISBN: 978-0-692-17989-5
  • Copyright year: 2018
  • Course Name: Computer Science 1
  • Grade Level: High School
  • Media Format: Online with printable components
  • TEKS %: 100

Additionally, your administration will likely require a W-9 if the University of Texas is not on your schools' vendor list.  Please have them send that request to

What are your Terms of Use and Student Data Privacy Policy?

The privacy of your students is important to us. We want to be transparent with you about the student personal data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. Moreover, we want you to know your rights regarding this student personal data. Therefore, we strongly recommend you read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using our resources. 

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