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Foundations of CS for Teachers: Praxis Prep

This course explores and guides you through all 196 required competencies stipulated by the Praxis 5652 topic list, using a Canvas-based online course.

About this Course

The goal of this course is to help you prepare successfully for the Praxis and Pearson Computer Science Certification Tests. Following the Praxis structure, the course is divided into five modules, which will take about eight weeks of work to complete, if you work a minimum of 5 hrs/week. The course components cover all the competencies listed in the both sets of test standards for Computer Science certification. WeTeach_CS would like to recognize 100kin10 for contributing financial support for course development.

The basic elements of this course include:

  • ContentVideos, text, images, web-based presentations, and interactive exercises present lessons spanning the full spectrum of topics from both Praxis and Pearson competency lists.


  • Diagnostic Quizzes: The pre- and post-diagnostic quizzes are for your benefit and strongly urge you to make these the first and last thing you do, before taking the final quizzes. These will help you gauge how much you have learned throughout the span of the course and may help you plan how to proceed once you've finished.


  • Practice ExercisesHundreds of questions are provided giving practice and feedback for the material presented in the lessons. These practice questions can be repeated as many times as necessary to master the material. Some questions include an explanation about the correct answer.  Practice exercises do NOT effect your grade.


  • Module Quizzes: Each quiz consists of questions to determine understanding and mastery of the material covered in the module. To earn continuing education credit, an 80% passing rate is required for these assessments. Each Module Quiz can be taken up to three times to achieve the desired mastery level.  Each time you take a quiz, answer all questions then choose "Submit Quiz".  When you click this button, your answers will be shown as correct or incorrect, and this is the score that is submitted. The last effort submitted is your official score. Correct answers to all questions will be revealed only after the third attempt.


  • Deadlines:  The course is self-paced, and can be experienced in any order you wish.  Once you have registered and paid for the course, the content will always be available, even after completion.


  • Final Quiz: This is a 100 question quiz available at the end that serves as a summative assessment, as well as a practice run for the actual certification test, separated into four 25 question quizzes. To earn continuing education credit, an 80% overall passing rate is required for this assessment combined with the module quizzes. You will be allowed only one attempt on each of these final quizzes.


  • Course Sequence: Finally, it is totally up to you how you experience this course. We feel the sequence created is the best approach, but you are welcome to jump around in any order you wish. 

Registration End
June 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

Course Duration

8.0 weeks

Time Required

5 hours
per week

CPE hours available

40.00 CPE
hours available

Part of Certificate Program

Cert Program

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Duration: weeks, Self-Paced

Time Required:

CPEs: CPE hours available

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Impacts of Computing
Module 2: Algorithms and Computational Thinking
Module 3: Programming
Module 4: Data
Module 5: Computing Systems and Networking
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