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WeTeach_AP® CSA (22-23)

A College Board endorsed and ChromeBook compatible curriculum developed by a team of veteran CS teachers with almost 100 years combined computer science teaching experience. Full scholarships are available!

Curricula Scholarships

In the spirit of providing Computer Science For All across our state, nation, and the world, WeTeach_CS is pleased to announce an offering of scholarships for NO COST ACCESS to the Teacher Edition for this curriculum package for the year 2022-23. The application process is outlined below.

Scholarship Application Process

(1) Apply for the scholarship by clicking on the link below. (2) You and an authorized school or district official (e.g.,campus principal, CTE department head) must hand sign the WeTeach_CS Conditions and Terms of Use and Student Data Privacy Policy agreement and return a scanned copy to (3) Soon after your application process is complete, you will be notified if it has been approved, at which point you will be provided with an access code unique to you to redeem on UTakeIt. A UT EID using a school email is required to register for and gain a secure login to access the Teacher Edition for this curriculum package. Access to either WeTeach_CS curriculum package is authorized on a per teacher basis, requiring a unique UT EID. For example if two teachers from the same school wish to apply, each must do so separately.

Click here to apply for a scholarship. Click here to download agreement. Click here to register with your discount code.

Lesson Materials

WeTeach AP®CSA is fully endorsed by the College Board and adheres strictly with the AP® CSA Course Exam Description for computer science, ten units of fresh and engaging interactive RISE based E-Lessons viewable on multiple platforms, including smartphones, with auto-graded labs in Codio, auto-graded assessments available in Google Forms, and videos safely delivered through Vimeo.

View a Sample Lesson Plan View a Sample Video View a Sample E-Lesson View a Sample Lab View a Sample Lab Solution (Download) View a Sample Quiz View a Sample Google Form Quiz

Professional Development

Sign up for training opportunities for this curriculum package, both in-person and virtual.

Virtual Webinar Series

WeTeach_AP®CSA Together

Designed with teachers in mind, WeTeach_AP®CSA offers professional development led by the curriculum developers that includes a four day summer workshop (June 27-30, 2022) plus six follow up seminars during the year.

How WeTeach_AP®CSA

From Java to the AP Test

The College Board provides a Course Exam Description for the CS "A" AP test, as well as guidelines for the syllabus for an endorsed curriculum. This syllabus outlines this curriculum in a manner that follows the Course Exam Description requirements, as well as the provided syllabus guidelines.

View the Syllabus

Codio available for AP CSA!

Codio is an online coding environment (IDE) enabling students to complete their programming assignments online and teachers to grade them, manually or via auto-grading, with all labs predefined. Using Codio means teachers and tech coordinators will not have to download an IDE onto local systems if they do not care to. Each online assignment is a complete version of the problem assigned in the curriculum. See more about this option below under Student Accounts.

Comprehensive Standards

We know you need to map your curriculum to the standards, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Download the documentation to use your IMA funds to purchase the curriculum.

View the Alignment Document

Student Accounts

WeTeach_CS curriculum packages have the option of using Student Accounts through Codio at a cost of $20 per student per year. The teacher desiring this option will place the order as an add-on through UTakeIt, and once the purchase is finalized (payment received or PO approved), further instructions will be provided to establish the Codio account for the curriculum. For more details, please email the curriculum developer, John Owen, at

Terms of Use and Student Privacy Policy

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using our resources.

Terms of Use and Student Data Privacy Policy

Personal Subscription

$1999 / year

Subscribe and gain immediate access to the curriculum.

Subscription Access Code

People Cost Per Person Per Year
1 $1999
2-4 $1599
5+ $1399

Purchase an access code for one or more people. The access code must be redeemed by the number of persons selected at checkout to complete each subscription.

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