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Please see individual pages for upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS for format (in-person or virtual). If it is unsafe and/or unallowable to host in-person trainings, we will transition to virtual workshops. Best browser to register: CHROME.

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Why choose us?

UTakeIt’s mission is to improve the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and math. A primary method of achieving our goal is providing evidence-based professional development for the education community.

"I took the 141 test on July 6th as well. It took me 4 hours and 30 minutes. I do have a background in computer science that certainly helped me a lot. However, I believe [Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers] will prepare any person that is willing to work hard. I also have a coworker that took the test and passed. We both attended the two day training in Austin; nonetheless, she couldn't get in this online training. I believe the sequence of doing the two-training first and then reviewing using this online resource is the way to go."

—Jonnathan Resendiz

George Bannerman Dealey International Academy,
Dallas ISD

"[Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers] is an absolute lifesaver!!! I have a CS degree but have been out of the programming side for numerous years. My test will be happening in a few weeks and this course has given me the confidence I needed. It is structured very well and the videos are outstanding. If you are going to become a teacher in this field, sign up for this course and pay the fee to get access to the quizzes. You will not regret it!"

—Joey Gonzaga

Waller High School, Waller ISD

"All materials and quizzes were easy to follow. I appreciated that the practice problems allowed me to learn. At times I got the correct answer but was not confident that I understood the material. The practice problems allowed me to see reasoning behind the correct answer."

—Roxie Runnels

Taft High School, Northside ISD

"I am beyond grateful for the instruction you provided for us these last 2 days. I have been preparing for the test since last year with no success. The concepts, resources, and clarity you provided were beyond expectations. Thank you again for everything!"

—Jarrett Lindsey

George Bush High School, Fort Bend ISD

"I am delighted and happy to inform you that I have passed the Computer Science 241 exam and finally received my certification. I feel that your Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers online course was crucial to passing the exam. I only missed 9 questions out of 80 and received the score of 274 in my first attempt."

—Muammer Aktas

Harmony Science Academy - Brownsville

"Thanks so much! What a feeling it is to have accomplished this! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks for all you do for teachers and the future of Texas education."

—Kelly Shutt

Sulphur Springs Middle School, Sulphur Springs ISD