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Equity in AP CS Principles Grant Opportunity

Build internal capacity for computer science with support for teachers, counselors, and administrators.

GRANT OPPORTUNITY - The University of Texas at Austin is proud to partner with on the Equity in CS Principles grant program. 

  • The guided program will:
    • Help schools decide whether or not AP Computer Science Principles is a good fit.
    • Help schools navigate the logistics of creating and adding a new course, and equitably recruit student enrollment for the first year of the course and beyond.
    • Provide new-to-CS teachers a rigorous professional learning program
    • Provide students a strong curriculum to help them not only complete the course but pass the AP exam. 
    • Build internal capacity for a strong computer science program for future years.
  • Criteria
    • School serves 9th-12th grade students and does not currently offer CS Principles
    • Teacher participates in the Professional Learning Program consisting of a 5-day in-person Local Summer Workshop and 4 virtual Academic Year follow-up sessions
    • School leaders (one counselor and one administrator) commit to participating in the virtual national school leaders Equity in AP CS Principles Program consisting of one day in the summer and approximately two follow-up sessions during the academic year
    • Will offer AP CSP in 2023-2024
    • Serves student populations that are underrepresented in CS.
  • Program is available at no cost to select schools, thanks to a generous research grant from the federal Department of Education. 

Questions about this grant opportunity? Email Sheryl Roehl at