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WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative Application: Coming Soon - Information for a 24-25 Collaborative

The goal of the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative is to increase the number of high school CTE teachers who can effectively prepare students for cybersecurity post-secondary opportunities and careers.


Applications for 24-25 will be available early 2024.  Please read the information below to understand the collaborative description, requirements, and expectations.  Dates listed below were for this year's collaborative but they will give you an idea of what to expect.   

If you would like to be notified when applications are available with the set dates, please fill out the following form:

WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative Registration of Interest 

Applications will open early in 2024.  

Investing in Texas' High School Cybersecurity Educators

The WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative is a professional development initiative to build and enhance cybersecurity education in our Texas high schools. This project is part of Lone Star STEM, a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education in partnership with Jobs for the Future. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing at an unprecedented rate, but both the government and industry are struggling to fill these essential vacancies. According to Cybercrime Magazine, “the U.S. job market reflects a global supply and demand problem around recruiting candidates with cybersecurity certifications.”

The CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the first security certifications an IT professio
nal should earn.  

One of the most important ways to increase the availability of cybersecurity courses in our high schools is to invest in the education of our Texas cybersecurity teachers. The goal of the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative is to increase the number of high school CTE teachers who can effectively prepare students for cybersecurity post-secondary opportunities and careers. This collaborative will consist of Texas certified high school teachers who will work within a community of practice as they deepen their cybersecurity knowledge and develop tools and strategies for their CTE cybersecurity programs of study. This course will progress educators from the fundamentals of cybersecurity to the preparation for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.  

A Commitment to Participate Includes:

  • Membership in an educator community of practice (the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative) coordinated and supported by the Texas Advanced Computing Center at The University of Texas at Austin.
  • One Year Access to the Foundations of Cybersecurity for Teachers Canvas course (Value: $600).
  • Access to a Cyber Range and labs.
  • One Year Access to the CompTIA Security+ CertMaster course (Value: $969).
  • One CompTIA Security+ Exam Voucher (Value: $392).
  • WeTeach_CS Summit Registration (Value: $500).
  • Cybersecurity Deep Dive workshop (Value: $600).
  • $1500 Stipend for Professional Development Attendance and Completion.
  • $1000 Stipend for Cybersecurity Teachers who pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam and who will be teaching a Texas high school cybersecurity course in 23-24 and/or 24-25. 

The application process for this program consists of completing the information below. All information in the application form must be filled in completely, as the information is necessary for reporting purposes.

**NOTE:  Program is contingent on funding approval from the US DoE.**


You must be a certified Texas teacher and currently employed by a Texas school district to be eligible.

Prioritization will be placed on applicants who:
1.  Work on a Lone Star STEM campus.
2.  Work in a high needs school.
3.  Are currently teaching a high school cybersecurity course or whose district plans to have them  teach a high school cybersecurity course in 23-24 and./or 24-25. 

Participants will be notified of acceptance as soon as they are selected. Space is very limited, therefore completing the application process does NOT guarantee placement in the program.


Applicants must commit to a year-long asynchronous/synchronous professional development course and applicants must attend the in-person Summer, Fall, and Spring institutes in Austin, Texas which are scheduled for the dates below:

Applications Open: March 10, 2023

Applications Close: April 15, 2023

Acceptance Notifications will begin by:  May 1, 2023

  1. Cybersecurity Deep Dive: June 5-7, 2023 (Austin)
  2. Foundations of Cybersecurity for Teachers Course
    1. Synchronous: June 5-7 2023 (Austin)
    2. Self-Paced: June 7, 2023 - May 31, 2024 (online)
    3. Fall In-Person Days: October 2-3 2023 (Austin)
    4. Spring In-Person Day: February 2, 2024 (Austin)
    5. Monday Monthly Milestone Check Ins:  6-8 pm  (virtual)
      1. July 10, 2023 
      2. August 7, 2023
      3. September 11, 2023
      4. November 6, 2023
      5. December 11, 2023
      6. January 8, 2024
      7. March 4, 2024
      8. April 8, 2024
      9. May 6, 2024
    6. WeTeach_CS Summit: June 11-12, 2024 (Fort Worth)

All teachers in the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative are expected to challenge the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam by July 1, 2024.

  • Upon successful completion of the professional development portion of the program, each participant will receive a stipend of $1,500.
  • Texas cybersecurity teachers who successfully pass the CompTIA Security+ exam and who will be teaching a Texas high school cybersecurity course in 23-24 and/or 24-25 will receive an additional $1,000 stipend .  

Please find below the information that you will need to provide on and with the application.


Applicant Information

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Current School Information
    • School District
    • School Name
    • School Address
    • Principal Name and Email
    • CTE Coordinator Name and Email
    • School Demographics (Ethnicity Breakdown & FRL %)
  • Teaching Experience
    • Current Teaching Assignments
    • Previous Teaching Assignments (Last 2 years)
    • How Many Years Experience
  • Are you currently teaching and/or will you be teaching a high school cybersecurity course in the school year 22-23 and/or 23-24?
    • Foundations of Cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity Capstone
    • Digital Forensics
  • Have you previously taken any cybersecurity courses or training?  If so, please list.
  • Do you have any cybersecurity and/or networking certifications?  If so, please list.
  • What is your level of cybersecurity and/or networking experience?
    • Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient, Expert
  • All teachers in the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative are expected to challenge the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam by July 1, 2023.
  • Personal Demographic Information (For reporting purposes only).

Essay Questions

  • Why do you want to be a part of the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative?
  • If you are chosen to participate in the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative, you are embarking on a year-long academic commitment. You will need to plan carefully and manage your time to ensure you can balance studying along with all your other commitments.  How many hours per week do you plan to commit to this hybrid cyber course and what study strategies do you plan to implement to ensure success with a self-paced online program?
  • What kind of student should take a cybersecurity class?
  • What would you do if you did not know how to do a cybersecurity lab but a student in your class knows exactly how to work the lab?
  • How does a Cybersecurity Program of Study fit in with your school’s current CTE programming?
  • What are your personal and/or professional goals related to cybersecurity education?


All applications must be accompanied by a Letter of Support submitted by email.

The letter, signed by either your campus principal or district CTE Coordinator, must endorse your participation in the WeTeach_Cyber Collaborative, including a commitment to cover substitute, travel, and lodging costs for your professional development. The letter must also indicate a commitment to offer a Cybersecurity Program of Study in your district.  

Please email your Administrator Letter of Support to Nathalie Beausoleil at by APRIL 15, 2023.


Please contact the EPIC Cybersecurity Education Specialist, Nikki Hendricks at

The 2023 WeTeach Cybersecurity Collaborative is sponsored by