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Please see individual pages for upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS for format (in-person or virtual). If it is unsafe and/or unallowable to host in-person trainings, we will transition to virtual workshops. Best browser to register: CHROME. TEKS Alignment lessons fully aligned to Texas Technology Applications TEKS for CS Fundamentals and CS Discoveries’s CS Fundamentals and CS Discoveries courses are now fully aligned to the
Technology Applications TEKS for K-8 (adopted in 2022).


CS Fundamentals
 Grade Band Kinder 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Course Course A Course B Course C Course D Course E Course F
 Alignment Document


CS Discoveries
 Grade Band   6th - 8th Grade Course   Units 1-7
 Alignment Document


Sample Lessons highlighting TEKS Alignment for K-8