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Please see individual pages for upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS for format (in-person or virtual). If it is unsafe and/or unallowable to host in-person trainings, we will transition to virtual workshops. Best browser to register: CHROME.

Counselor & Administrator Webinars

Learn what actions Counselors and Administrators can take to increase student access to Computer Science classes and career pathways


Counselor & Administrator Webinars

Computer Science Training for Counselors & Administrators participants learned about trends and opportunities in computer science, and how your district can open doors to these opportunities for ALL of your students. Recent policy and funding changes in Texas were discussed as well as resources for supporting your district and teachers to build a robust and diverse CS program. This session helped school teams appreciate what computer science is, what new courses involve, and how these count toward graduation and fit with the larger school program.

November 2021

RECORDING: Counselor & Administrator Webinar 11/21

PRESENTATION: Counselor & Administrator Webinar - Presentation 11/21



December 2020

RECORDING: Counselor & Administrator Webinar

PRESENTATION: Counselor & Administrator Webinar - Presentation