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WeTeach Cert Prep Practice - Computer Science

Practice Packet for TExES 241 and Praxis 5652 Computer Science Certification Exams

Registration End
Dec. 31, 2023, 4:21 p.m.

Registration Ends: Dec. 31, 2023, 4:21 p.m.

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About this Course

The WeTeach_CS Cert Prep Practce contains 24 quizzes that each contain ten questions on topics outlined in the Praxis 5652 or the TExES 241 test specifications. The quizzes may be taken in any order and taken multiple times. Quizzes that cover topics that are unique to one test or the other are mark as such. It is important to point out that even though a quiz is marked as unique to one test or another, attempting questions over topics on the test you are not taking will still be very helpful.

In addition to the quizzes, there are two practice exams. These two exams, one for Praxis and one for TExES, will present a random selection of 20 questions selected from the topic quizzes associated with the appropriate exam. 

Topic quizzes can be taken in any order and the practice exam can be taken at any time. If you prefer to be quizzed over all the topics each time you practice, simply take the practice exam multiple times. The practice exam will present random different questions with each attempt.

In addition to the quizzes and practice exams you may view videos that demonstrate how to complete many of the sample problems in each of the study guides provided for the Praxis and TExES exams. Follow the links in Section VI.


  • 24 quizzes
  • 10 questions per quiz
  • 20 unique to Praxis
  • 20 unique to TExES
  • 2 comprehensive exams (one each for Praxis and TExES)
  • Videos that solve code base problems from each of the official exam guides.
  • Explanations for each questions



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