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WeTeach_AP® CSA - Student Preview (21-22)

A Chrome lab compatible curriculum developed by a team of veteran CS teachers with over 100 years combined computer science teaching experience. For details, please email the course developer, John Owen at

From Java to the AP Test

The College Board provides a Course Exam Description for the CS "A" AP test, as well as guidelines for the syllabus for an endorsed curriculum. This syllabus outlines this curriculum in a manner that follows the Course Exam Description requirements, as well as the provided syllabus guidelines.

College Board Aligned

Our curriculum is aligned with new College Board CED (Course Exam Description) for Computer Science "A". Each module is structured around objectives that provide context and relevance for you and your students. Highlighted throughout the curriculum, Big Ideas can assist in assembling a big picture across the course.

Multi-Platform Compatible

Student lessons are accessible by PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone. All quizzes and tests are available through Google Forms and PDF documents.

Online IDE

No Java installation required. Our curriculum uses the College Board approved online IDE. makes programming easy for you and your students in the classroom and at home.

WeTeach_AP®CSA Together

Designed with teachers in mind, WeTeach_AP®CSA offers professional support through an online help desk, virtual office hours with the course developers, and forums for peer to peer collaboration on the curriculum. We even have additional in-person and online professional development available.

Comprehensive Standards

We know you need to map your curriculum to the standards, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Download the documentation to use your IMA funds to purchase the curriculum.

Student Accounts

WeTeach_CS curriculum packages have the option of using Student Accounts through Canvas at a minimal cost of $5 per student per year. Students individually log in using a safe and protected UT EID (Electronic ID) and experience the curriculum from their own smartphones, tablets, or laptops, providing access to the curriculum through the Canvas LMS, with videos safely posted on Vimeo. Interactive online lessons are delivered using RISE, a state-of-the-art industry standard E-Learning platform. All student login data is held in strictest privacy and security, not used for any other purposes, and at the end of each year is purged from the Canvas course. For more details, please email the course developer, John Owen, at

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