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Foundations of CS for Teachers: TExES Prep

Learn key computer science topics to improve instruction and prepare for the TExES Computer Science teacher certification test.

Registration End
Oct. 1, 2024, 11:59 a.m.

Course Duration

7 weeks

Time Required

6 hours
per week

CPE hours available

40.00 CPE
hours available

Registration Ends: Oct. 1, 2024, 11:59 a.m.

Duration: 7 weeks, Self-Paced

Time Required: 6 hours per week

CPEs: 40.00 CPE hours available

Certificate Program:

About this Course

Thinking about teaching Computer Science, or incorporating CS into a subject you already teach? CS skills are fundamental to student success and you can learn to teach CS!

This course is intended for prospective K-12 Computer Science teachers to review key topics in Computer Science required by the certification test.

The course provides extensive detailed instruction, examples, and practice on everything from introductory programming topics such as variables, functions, loops and logical expressions to more advanced topics such as data structures, recursion, and object-oriented programming.

Currently certified Texas educators in any subject can add a computer science certification by passing the Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) for Grades 8-12 Computer Science 241 exam. The TExES covers 106  educator competencies, all of which are addressed in the Foundations of CS for Teachers: TExES Prep course. Hundreds of teachers have completed this online course and over 500 have gone on to achieve CS certification. WeTeach_CS would like to recognize 100kin10, TEA, and AT&T for contributing financial support for course development. Individuals pursuing CS teacher certification outside of the state of Texas should enroll in the Foundations of CS for Teachers: Praxis Prep online course.

Whether or not you plan to take a certification exam, this course will strengthen your understanding of key CS concepts and constructs and increase your confidence in teaching CS.

In addition to access to all course material, participants who choose to upgrade their enrollment will also receive:

  • Access to graded weekly quizzes, to track your progress.
  • Access to over 700 practice question addressing every subject area covered on the Praxis/TExES 241 Certification Exam.
  • Access to the comprehensive final, which mimics the actual 100 question CS 8-12 certification exam.
  • The opportunity to earn 40 CPE credit hours from The University of Texas at Austin, upon successfully completing the course. (Please note: You must score >80% to earn credit)
  • Perpetual access to all instructional materials and videos in the course, even after course completion and authorization to use them for instruction in your own CS classroom.
Click here to view/download the CSTA standards CROSSWALK document for this course.


What You'll Learn

  • Week 1: Software Design and Programming basics
  • Week 2: Programming Fundamentals
  • Week 3: Loops and Recursion
  • Week 4: Data Structures
  • Week 5: More OOP, Algorithms and Big O (Oh my!)
  • Week 6: Technology Applications
  • Week 7: Special Topics: Discrete Math
  • Week 7: Special Topics: Digital Forensics
  • Week 7: Special Topics: Game and Mobile Application Development
  • Week 7: Final Quiz
  • View the Syllabus

Looking for additional practice questions? Check out the WeTeach_CS Cert Prep Practice Packet which contains 24 quizzes that each contain ten questions on topics outlined in the TExES 241 test specifications + a final practice exam.

If you have any questions, please contact Nathalie Beausoleil at

"The course was a good introduction to CS for Teachers. However, as a prep for the TExES 241 test, if someone doesn't have a strong programming background they are going to need supplemental study. The Texas 241 CS teacher certification test was much harder than I expected with some complicated and long code segments that went beyond what the Foundations course covered."

—Richard D.

"This was an amazing course taught by a master teacher! The tutorials are organized, well-explained, supported with extensive practice exercises, and easy to navigate. I highly recommend this course!"

—Susan D.

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